A dark set of eyebrows on a pair light set of eyes makes everything look brighter and highlighting. Even if the eyes aren’t light, simply having darker and thicker eyebrows is just perfect for just about any person regardless of their gender. However, when it is comes to the ladies, the need for perfection with these, is just extreme and with this comes the row of mistakes. Here are some such mistakes you need to know of to avoid them for yourself.

Trying to make them look exactly the same

When it comes to threading your eyebrows by yourself, you may have a huge struggle to make sure that they are exactly the same and even in every way. so every time one side goes too much you might try to make the other the same way too. And that leads to the other being much lesser than the previous one and then you move to that, and so on the cycle goes. At the end you may end up having no brow at all! So remember it is alright if it isn’t the same, it only needs to be balanced. In case you mess it up, leave it there and wait till it grows back to work on them again. This way the need for eyelash extension is eliminated!

Going overboard with the dark

Simply because you don’t own dark and thick eyebrows doesn’t mean you should go overboard with the filler. When you do so, it looks unnatural and scary. So always make sure that when you are shopping for such a filler, pick a shade that is one tone lighter than your natural hair color. This way you can fill more and blend it in to make it look natural and even.

Plucking more than the limit

Sure you might want the perfectly flick eyebrows that every model seems to possess. But remember that just to achieve this doesn’t mean you need to keep plucking it every time it feels like you are losing that flick. Constantly doing so is only going to result in no brows at all and you certainly don’t want that. So let it grow out for some time and then think of what you want to do. And always go to a professional so that you can still keep your brows intact!

Consider the above mistakes and make sure that you take them in to account when you are faced with similar situations to avoid facing the horrible outcomes yourself and still getting the flick set of eyebrows you desire!


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