With appropriate lighting, any space can lighten up and become a cosy and welcoming presence to your home, office, or business. It emphasizes the room’s design and keeps the place well lit. A poorly lit space can be sight for sore eyes and may affect your overall mood. For a modern home office, it is a place to think, work, and plan for your next projects. When technology meets design, it has to be practical yet sophisticated enough to make this special place a most welcoming one.

Brighten the Room with Natural Light

Some modern designs have eco-friendly attributes that take advantage of natural light. Strategically placed glass windows are essential to ensure that your space makes the most of its brightness during the day. Not only is this eco-friendly, it is also one of the most pleasant ways to make the most of Mother Nature without hurting your electric bill.

It’s all about the Angles

Sunlight makes computer screens difficult to see. It’s best to place your desktop or laptop near the well-lit area but not directly under it. You can place your devices against the windows or places where the computer is facing against the light.

Ambient and Task Lighting

If you live somewhere in the North where it’s gloomy for the most of the year, it can be better to take advantage of ambient lighting. Basically, what you’d want to achieve it to make the most of the overhead light. While recessed lightings may do the job, it may not be sufficient to keep the room well lit. Lights pre-installed in your house may not be suited for home office lightings so don’ be afraid to install additional lightings to evenly illuminate the space.

Try Accent Lighting

So you’re already done with ambient and task lighting. Now, let’s move forward to accent lighting. These provide the ‘mood’ for your space. With the use of modern light switches and power points, you can create functional and practical use of these lights for aesthetic purposes. Interior designers would usually approach this using the height-based method. In marrying these three layers, you can make use of recessed lights as ambient lighting, small desk lamps in your desks for task lighting, and accent lightings will be the table lamps.

Organizing Your Lighting

Modern designs usually make use of bold colours to make a statement. With this in mind, your accent lights will bring out the concept more. For more conventional themes, neutral colours may make space look more sophisticated.

Maximize Your Space

Maybe you don’t have that much space going on for your home office. It could be a small corner or a room in your home that serves as your workstation. For those with a tight room, consider using pendant lights, emergency lights, and sconces. These are functional and work as an aesthetic ornament that provides illumination to your space. These types of lights are usually installed in your ceilings or walls. Some sconce has swing arm features to provide flexibility when in use.

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