Overhead cloth coverings are an important part in most of the outdoor spaces. Unless you have already chosen to install a normal roof to your outdoor space you will be using an overhead cloth covering as its roof. Usually, that is the choice most people make with the outdoor space of their choice. There is nothing wrong with this choice as long as we have chosen the right type of overhead cloth covering for our outdoor space.

There are two main types of overhead cloth coverings. You can select one of them depending on the way you are hoping to use this overhead cloth covering.

Permanent Overhead Cloth Coverings

If you are someone who is going to use a 8×8 replacement canopy or an overhead cloth covering in any other size to cover an outdoor space you have in your garden permanently, you should choose this kind of an overhead cloth covering. Usually, these overhead cloth coverings are made of stronger materials which can withstand being out in the open weather for a long time. As they are going to be there for almost the whole summer bearing the hard sunlight and even the wind and rain, they have to be made of strong materials. These materials will not get affected by the weather conditions and stay as a good overhead cloth covering as long as you keep using them.

Pop-Up Overhead Cloth Coverings

Then, we also have the pop-up overhead cloth coverings. This is an option people use when they want to carry around the overhead cloth covering with them. For example, when you are going on a picnic you will need to have a shade with you. That shade can be created with the pop-up or rather portable overhead cloth covering. It is made of lighter materials to make it easy to carry it around. It is also not too large in size as it is impossible to carry a large overhead cloth covering around with ease.

People choose both of these options at different times. Most of us are in the habit of choosing the permanent overhead cloth covering as we have an outdoor space set permanently in our garden which could use such a shade. Those of us who travel a lot have a portable overhead cloth covering ready in our house to take with us whenever we want it. As long as we have access to a good seller who sells both overhead cloth coverings in high quality, we will have good overhead cloth coverings to use whenever we want to.

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