A plunger,  barrel,  and a spring that is fully covered are what make up spring loaded contacts.This is used to provide spring force maintaining positive contact between circuit boards for devices under test. These are highly durable,  with more than 10,000 cycles. Also known as pogo pins,  spring probe are utilized in the field of electronics to form a temporary connection for two circuit boards. In an advancing world,connections must be reliable and rapid, which is how probe pins come into picture. Here are more information regarding thissmall wonder technology.

Description and mechanism

Spring probes are actually called pogo pins due to its similarity with the toys called pogo stick.It is usually a narrow cylinder vessel containing pointed spring-loaded pin inside. This setup is sandwiched by two circuit boards. Both ends of the spring probes provide established contacts that bridge the two circuitry.They are made up of a head and body,  while the spring is placed inside a vessel, covered in encapsulation.


Spring probe is typically in a formation of dense arrangement. This is to ensure that all nodes of each of the circuit boards are strongly connected.Commonly formed as bed of nails, pogo pins allow quicker connection of equipment that are being tested, which are referred to as DUTs standing for devices under test. If density is extremely high,  the pins are configured in a circular form with many pogo pins, also called as pogo tower.Spring probes or pogo pins are carefully designed especially for high performing circuitry. For this to work, they must be hard for increased reliability and most accurate results. This is important to obtain optimal quality with minimal resistance.


A probe pin is intended to boost the efficiency of applications that require multicyles and have high reliability circuitries. Automatic test equipment is among its common applications.In addition, spring probes are also suited to work for the blind mate applications, to which their misalignment of the target are automatically corrected on all rotations. They may also be in compressed vertical dimension which is almost 2 mm in height with pitches that are 0.44 mm tight. This is perfectly crafted for denser battery contact applications with increased frequency. Probe pins are also used in microcontrollers.

Spring probes,or sometimes referred to as pogo pins, have been an important component of technology in many different aspects of society, from medicine to military, there are many applications of this technology that have truly helped shaped the more advanced lifestyle and faster connection we much so enjoy and take advantage of today.

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